Shinichi Hada / Violin Player

Born in 1986. Lives in Kobe, Japan.

He started to play the violin in early childhood. When he was a university student, he met Arabic Music and got fascinated by that power, exquisiteness and beauty, then decided to play Arabic music. In 2012 and 2015, he went to Cairo/Egypt and learned how to play the Arabic violin from Abdo Dagher.

Now he's mainly playing Classical Arabic Music such as Oum Kalthoum and Mohamed Abdelwahab in various parts of Japan. And also he is performing with many oriental dancers from both Japan and abroad. He pursues Arabic Music.

On the other hand, he's performing and recording with various artists. He's acting in order to make participants understand how interesting violin is, through the concerts and lesson.

●Shinkichisan ― Classical Arabic Music band
Shinichi Hada (violin), Yoshiki Kato (oud), Sampe (reqq)

●Alatool ― Arabic Music trio
Yuji Tsunemi (oud), Mitsuru Nagata (darbukka), Shinichi Hada (violin)

●Sentohitoyo ― Arabic Music band
Kyoko Oikawa/Shinichi Hada (violin), Yoshiki Kato (oud), Abdalla Ahmad (darbukka), Sampe (reqq)

●Ozgur ― Classical Turkish music duet
Tetsuro Shibayama (oud), Shinichi Hada (violin)

●Yabanci ― Ethnic Strings trio
Minehiko Tanaka (sitar), Yoshiki Kato (oud), Shinichi Hada (violin)

●Turukuaz ― Turkish music trio
Sefa Simsek (saz/oud), Shinichi Hada (violin), Satoshi Makise (darbukka)

●Sout al-Nil ― Arabic Music band
Kyoko Oikawa/Nobuko Kimura/Shinichi Hada (violin), Yoshiki Kato (oud), Michiko Suzuki (Qanun), Abdalla Ahmad (darbukka), Sampe (reqq)

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